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How to Get Someone to Like You

To get someone to like you, start by smiling when you see them. This will make you seem more likeable and attractive. In conversations, use open-ended questions to get them talking about their hobbies and interests. People love talking about themselves, and this can help you discover common interests that you might share. While they talk, listen attentively by making eye contact, leaning forward a bit, nodding and understanding. If you can, give them a compliment or make them laugh. As you interact more, let your quirks show. Share silly things about you, like that you dip your fries in barbecue sauce or love to finger paint, since that can bring you closer to each other. Prioritize spending time with the person and don't be afraid to do a favor for them, like watching their pets for the weekend. Asking for a favor can help you two bond as well. Make me sure to practice healthy personal hygiene by showering, brushing your teeth, applying deodorant and wearing clean clothes. Lastly, remember that you are a good person. Don't change your personality or beliefs for somebody because the right person will appreciate you for you.

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