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How to Make a Snowman

To make a snowman, start by packing a dense snowball with your hands. Then, roll the snowball through the snow on the ground so it gets bigger. Every few rolls, stop to pack the snowball down so the snow doesn't fall off. Continue rolling until the ball is about 3 feet, or 1 meter, across. Next, repeat the process with 2 more snowballs to make the middle and top sections for your snowman, but make each section slightly smaller than the one below it. When you're finished, stack the middle section on the base of your snowman, and then stack the top section on top of the middle. At this point, your snowman should look like 3 large snowballs stacked on top of each other, with the smallest snowball at the top. Now that the body of your snowman is finished, stick 2 buttons or pebbles on the top section for eyes, and stick a carrot underneath them for the nose. You can also make a mouth with a row of pebbles or a curved stick. Additionally, push 2 sticks into the sides of the middle section of your snowman to give it arms. You can even dress your snowman with a hat and a scarf.

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